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The Movie - Mutt 'n' Bones (1944)

We've seen Mutt 'n' Bones movie

Movie Issued - in 1944.


Countries: USA
Genres: Animation, Short
Languages: English
Sound Mix: Mono
Release Dates: USA:25 August 1944

In movie played:

Joe DeNat (composer)

Paul Sommer (director)


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Movie - Angulimala (1960)

I've looked Angulimala movie

Movie Premier in 1960.

'Hemen Gupta' (qv) was originally announced as director.
Certificates: India:U
Color Info: Color
Languages: Hindi
Locations: India
Runtimes: 153
Tech Info: MET:4176.96 m, OFM:35 mm, PFM:35 mm

In movie have been taken:

Prem Adib (actor)

Bharat Bhushan (actor)
Death Notes:India
Birth Notes:India
Death Date:1992
Birth Date:1920

Chandrashekhar (actor)
Birth Notes:India
Birth Date:9 July 1922

Manmohan Krishna (actor)
Death Notes:India
Death Date:3 November 1990

Vinod Mehra (actor)
Spouse:'Meena Broca' (? - ?) (annulled), 'Bindiya Goswami' (qv) (? - ?) (divorced), 'Kiran' (? - 30 October 1990) (his death); 1 child, 'Neeta Mehta' (qv) (? - ?) (divorced)
Death Notes:India (heart attack)
Birth Notes:Amritsar, India
Dated 'Rekha (I)' (qv) and then married her. He died within weeks of 'Rekha (I)' (qv)'s husband Mukesh Agarwal, who committed suicide., He died at the age of 45 years, after a heart attack., His daughter, Soniya Mehra, will be making her acting debut in the remake of the Classic "Victoria No. 203", being directed by Anant Mahadevan, and produced by Kamal Sadanah.
Death Date:30 October 1990
Birth Date:13 February 1945

Ram Mohan (actor)

Ulhas (actor)

Anita Guha (actress)
Death Notes:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (heart failure)
Spouse:'Manik Dutt' (qv) (? - ?) (his death)
Death Date:20 June 2007
Birth Date:1932

Helen (actress)
Spouse:'Salim Khan (I)' (qv) (? - ?); 1 child
Nick Names:Queen of the Nautch Girls
Quotes:I could never walk on the streets. I had to wear a veil. They used to go berserk when they saw me.
Birth Notes:Burma
Birth Name:Richardson, Helen
Hindi top star in the 50s and 60s, very famous for playing vamps
Birth Date:21 October 1939

Sheila Kashmiri (actress)

Kesari (actress)

Bimla Kumari (actress)

Nimmi (actress)
Height:5' 2"
Birth Notes:Uttar Pradesh, India
Spouse:'S. Ali Razza' (? - present)
Birth Date:1932

Achala Sachdev (actress)

Bhavani Prasad Misra (writer)

V. Avadhoot (cinematographer)

Anil Biswas (composer)
Death Notes:New Delhi, India
Birth Notes:Barisal, East Bengal, British India (now in Bangladesh)
Death Date:31 May 2003
Spouse:'Ashalata Biswas' (qv) (? - ?) (divorced); 3 children
Birth Date:7 July 1914

Vijay Bhatt (director)
Death Notes:Bombay, Maharashtra, India
Birth Notes:Palitana, Gujarat, India
Birth Name:Bhatt, Vijayshankar Jagneshwar
Older brother of 'Harsukh Jagneshwar Bhatt' (qv)
Death Date:17 October 1993
Birth Date:12 May 1907

Pratap Dave (editor)

Kantilal Kanakia (miscellaneous crew)

Chetan Kumar (miscellaneous crew)

Samboon Pojanasithi (miscellaneous crew)

Chiman Seth (miscellaneous crew)

Viratna Vidyabanich (miscellaneous crew)

Movie - A Lady of Chance

Really cool - A Lady of Chance movie (L'avventuriera).

Movie Is being made - in 1928.

Alternate Versions: MGM also released this movie in a totally silent version in 1928., In 2001, Turner Classic Movies presented a version without the talking sequences of the original, but with a new score by Christopher Caliendo. It was performed by his Chamber Jazz Ensemble and ran 78 minutes.
Steve Crandall: [to Angel Face] I never realized how uninteresting cement was until I met you.
The song "Just a Little Bit of Driftwood" (1928); music and lyrics by 'Benny Davis (I)' (qv), 'Dohl Davis' and 'Abe Lyman (I)' (qv) was published in connection with the movie.
Copyright Holder: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures; 28 January 1929; LP59
Dolly, alias "Angel Face," meet a easy to fool childlike man at a hotel who appear to be comfortable. Thinking she's found an debonair disgrace, she marry him, lone to determine that the plantation he be bragging bounded by the command of belong to a neighbor, and his destiny be more speculative than indisputable. In spitefulness of herself, she falls in liking near him.
Certificates: USA:Approved
Color Info: Black and White
Countries: USA
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Runtimes: 78
Sound Mix: Mono, Silent, Stereo
Tech Info: MET:2172.92 m m, RAT:1.37 : 1, PFM:35 mm, LAB:MGM Studio Lab, USA, PCS:Spherical, OFM:35 mm
Release Dates: USA:1 December 1928, Finland:23 September 1929

In movie have been taken:

Johnny Mack Brown (actor)
Articles:"The Western Film Annual" (UK), 1953, pg. 15-21, by: William K. Everson, "The Last of the Westerners"
Interred at Forest Lawn (Glendale), Glendale, California, USA, in the Court of Freedom, Columbarium of Heavenly Peace., Daughter, Cynthia Brown Hale, In his westerns, his horse was named 'Rebel (III)' (qv)., Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1957., There is a film festival every year in his honor in Dothan, Alabama.
Nick Names:The Dothan Antelope
Death Notes:Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA (cardiac condition)
An All-American halfback while attending the University of Alabama, Johnny Mack Brown choose the shiny eyeshade completed the unblemished turf of the football paddock when he graduate. Signed to a achievement next to MGM inwardly 1926, Brown debuted in _Slide, Kelly, Slide (1927)_ (qv) with 'William Haines (I)' (qv) in a graphic more or less significant level - baseball. This be follow with _The Bugle Call (1927)_ (qv), which starred the declining 'Jackie Coogan' (qv). In 1928 he appear in the authoritative 'Norma Shearer' (qv) taciturn film, _A Lady of Chance (1928)_ (qv). After that, he work with 'Greta Garbo' (qv), 'Marion Davies' (qv) and 'Mary Pickford' (qv). His beefy courteous look isolated carried him hence far in films, even so, and by 1930 he grasp all the same to find his leave. At MGM 'Clark Gable' (qv) was taking the role that Brown was aloft in defend of, so he go into a western for chief 'King Vidor' (qv), _Billy the Kid (1930)_ (qv). While Vidor perpetrate not want him for the cut to commence with, the picture was victorious; however, Brown's profession at MGM presently terminated. By 1933 he was motionless making westerns, but they be for low-rung studios comparable to Mascot. More westerns at even lower-rung Supreme Pictures followed, by very well as serials like _Wild West Days (1937)_ (qv) at Universal. In 1943 Brown take his boots over to Monogram Pictures, where on earth he made over 60 westerns. He started stale as "Nevada Jack McKenzie" in the Rough Riders rotation, but the baptize soon changed to Johnny. As with maximum of the hasty cowboy star, he was a hero to millions of babyish relatives and insubstantially among the pinnacle ten money-makers in westerns from 1942-50. The burble burst, on the other hand, a moment ago as it did for 'Allan Lane (I)' (qv), in 1953, as the days of the "B" western be over.
Height:6' 1"
Birth Notes:Dothan, Alabama, USA
Books:Rutherford, J.A.. _The Films of Johnny Mack Brown._ 1996., Bobby Copeland. _Johnny Mack Brown._ Oak Ridge, TN: Copeland, 2005.
Other Works:Radio episode: Screen Guild Theatre, ep. Accent On Youth; broadcast Dec 3, 1939.
Spouse:'Cornelia 'Connie' Foster' (1926 - 14 November 1974) (his death); 4 children
Death Date:14 November 1974
Birth Date:1 September 1904

Charles K. French (actor)
It be consistently erroneously stated that French is the father of 'Ted French' (qv) and, hence, the grandfather of 'Victor French' (qv), who be Ted's son. Although they joint duplicate subsequent label, Charles French was not associated to Ted French. They be, nevertheless, just friends, and Charles considered Victor French his "adopted" grandson, which is maximum to be expected how the frenzy started.
Death Notes:Hollywood, California, USA (heart attack)
Birth Notes:Columbus, Ohio, USA
Birth Name:French, Charles Ekrauss
Spouse:'Isabelle Gurton' (1919 - 1928) (her death), 'Helen French' (? - 12 March 1917) (her death), 'Doris Herbert' (19 March 1938 - 1948) (her death)
Death Date:2 August 1952
Birth Date:17 January 1860

Buddy Messinger (actor)
Articles:"Classic Images" (USA), December 1989, Iss. 174, pg. C12, by: Billy H. Doyle, "Los Players", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 11 June 1927, pg. 431, "Budy Messenger's Comeback at 'U'", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 18 November 1922, pg. 270, "Buddy Messenger Signed"
Brother of 'Gertrude Messinger' (qv), 'Marie Messinger (I)' (qv).
Death Notes:Hollywood, California, USA
Height:5' 8"
Birth Notes:San Francisco, California, USA
Birth Name:Messinger, Melvin Joe
Spouse:'Margaret' (? - 25 October 1965) (his death)
Death Date:25 October 1965
Birth Date:26 October 1907

Walter Percival (actor)
Articles:"Motion Picture World" (USA), 5 October 1918, pg. 105, "Emmy Wehlen's New Leading Man", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 13 July 1918, pg. 186, "Percival to Make Screen Debut"
Death Notes:Hollywood, California, USA
Birth Notes:Chicago, Illinois, USA
Other Works:Playwright (w/'Larry Evans (I)' (qv), 'George S. Kaufman' (qv)): "Someone in the House".
Birth Name:Lingenfelter, Charles David
Spouse:'Kate Campbell (I)' (qv) (? - ?)
Death Date:28 January 1934
Birth Date:2 May 1887

Bert Roach (actor)
Articles:"Classic Images" (USA), May 1995, Iss. 239, pg. C5, by: George Katchmer, "Remembering the Great Silents", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 24 December 1927, pg. 13, "It's a Gift", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 15 August 1925, pg. 748, "Bert Roach Assigned", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 27 September 1924, pg. 313, "Roach with Century"
Death Notes:Los Angeles, California, USA
Height:5' 10 1/2"
Birth Notes:Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Other Works:Appeared in the following Broadway play:, Play: Little Miss Fix-It (1911) [a musical in 3 acts]. Based on a book by William J. Hurlbut and Harry B. Smith. Globe Theatre: 3 Apr 1911- 20 May 1911 (64 performances). As "Tom" (credited as Egbert T. Roach). Note: Production reassembled at the Grand Opera House briefly in late November 1911 before closing in early December, 1911. Produced by Louis F. Werba and Mark A. Luescher.
Birth Name:Roach, Egbert
Spouse:'Gladys Marie Johnson' (? - ?)
Death Date:16 February 1971
Birth Date:21 August 1891

Lowell Sherman (actor)
Articles:"Variety" (USA), 1 January 1935, "Lowell Sherman", "New York Times" (USA), 29 December 1934, pg. 15:1, "Lowell Sherman Dies on the Coast; Actor and Film Director Who Had Many Successes on Broadway Was 49", "Movie Magazine" (USA), March 1926, pg. 47-48, 88-89, by: Nanette Kutner, "The Wickedest Man on the Screen", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 28 February 1925, pg. 925, "Warners Sign Lowell Sherman", "Movie Weekly" (USA), 26 April 1924, pg. 14, 26, by: Horace T. Jenkins, "How a Screen Star's Cold Cost $10,000 a Day; Blemish on lip of Lowell Sherman causes suspension in production plans at Famous Players-Lasky studio--Star is screenically _hors d'combat_", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 28 May 1921, pg. 422, "Joins Sennett"
Lowell Sherman be, all for a occurrence, brother-in-law to 'John Barrymore (I)' (qv) beside whom he starred contained by _General Crack (1930)_ (qv). Sherman was married to 'Helene Costello' (qv). Her sister, 'Dolores Costello' (qv), was married to 'John Barrymore (I)' (qv).
Death Notes:Hollywood, California, USA (pneumonia)
Lowell Sherman be one of hasty films great actor who latter turned to direct. Had he lived longer, it be reflection he would enjoy be a hair-raising checker. Born encircled by any 1885 or 1888, his parents be John Wm. Sherman, a thespian maker (1855-1924) and Julia Gray Sherman, an actress and daughter of actress Kate Gray. John, Lowell's father, was a son of John Wm. Sherman, born NYC and Margaret Heistler, born in Holland. In 1905, Lowell embark resting on his initial material raised area toil in New York and his first thought work take deposit in 1914. From his beginnings, he prove to be a esteemed actress who play the role of the playboy and villain greatly ably. He directed early films in favour of 'Greta Garbo' (qv) and 'Katherine Hepburn', married three times, and was along for the ride in 1921 when 'Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle' have his undesirable interval in San Francisco. His ratification is attributed to his wearing derisory uniform because of the scorching lights, and, in swerve, catching a icy which later rob him of his voice and go in 1934, like year he serve by vehicle of pall bearer for actor Russ Columbo., Lowell Sherman was one of early films fine actors who later turned to directing. Had he lived longer, it is thought he would have been a formidable director. Born in either 1885 or 1888, his parents were John Wm. Sherman, a theatrical producer (1855-1924) and Julia Gray Sherman, an actress and daughter of actress Kate Gray. John, Lowell's father, was a son of John Wm. Sherman, born NYC and Margaret Heistler, born in Holland. In 1905, Lowell embarked on his first real stage work in New York and his first film work took place in 1914. From his beginnings, he proved to be a respected actor who played the role of the playboy and villain very well. He directed early films for 'Greta Garbo' (qv) and 'Katharine Hepburn' (qv), married three times, and was along for the ride in 1921 when 'Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle' had his unfortunate incident in San Francisco. His death is attributed to his wearing scanty clothing because of the hot lights, and, in turn, catching a cold, which later robbed him of his voice and life in 1934, the same year he served as pall bearer for actor 'Russ Columbo (I)' (qv).
Birth Notes:San Francisco, California, USA
Other Works:Stage, vaudeville, and burlesque actor, and film director., Casanova (1923). Drama., Morphia (1923). Drama. Written by Duncan McNab and Ludwig Herzer. Directed by 'Lowell Sherman' (qv). Eltinge 42nd Street Theatre: 6 Mar 1923- May 1923 (closing date unknown/64 performances). Cast: 'Alice Fleming (I)' (qv) (as "Mrs. Morrison"), 'Lowell Sherman' (qv) (as "Julian Wade"), 'Albert Tavernier' (qv) (as "Dr. Grant"), 'Olive Tell' (qv) (as "Nurse Margaret")., The Masked Woman (1922). Melodrama., The Fool (1922). Melodrama., Lawful Larceny (1922). Comedy., The Man's Name (1921). Drama., The Sign on the Door (1919). Melodrama., The Woman in Room 13 (1919)., Not with My Money (1918). Written by Edward Clark. 39th Street Theatre: 25 Oct 1918- Nov 1918 (closing date unknown/11 performances). Cast: Peggy Coudray, Carl Gerard, Cecelia Griffith, 'Carroll McComas' (qv), Minnie Milne, William Robyns, 'Lowell Sherman' (qv), Robert W. Smiley, Dyke Thomes, Basil West, Beverly Westmore, Walter Wilson. Produced by Edward Clark., A Marriage of Convenience (1918). (revival). Written by Sydney Grundy.Henry Miller's Theatre: 1 May 1918- Jun 1918 (closing date unknown/53 performances). Cast: 'Billie Burke' (qv), Lynn Hammond, Frank Kemble-Cooper, Frederick Lloyd, Henry Miller, Lewis Sealy, 'Lowell Sherman' (qv), 'Lucile Watson' (qv)., The Squab Farm (1918)., The Heritage (1918)., Good Morning, Rosamond (1917)., The Knife (1917)., Our Little Wife (1916)., The Guilty Man (1916)., The Heart of Wetona (1916)., The Eternal Magdalene (1915)., The Dragon's Claw (1914)., The First Lady in the Land (1911)., The Girl of the Golden West (1908). Drama. Written and directed by 'David Belasco (I)' (qv). Academy of Music: 27 Jan 1908- Feb 1908 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Blanche Bates, A.M. Beattie, 'J.H. Benrimo' (qv) (as "Billy Jackrabbitt"), Ignazio Biondi, John W. Cope, Roberto Deshon, Ira M. Flick, Cuyler Hastings, Clifford Hipple, Richard Hoyer, T. Hayes Hunter, Horace James, James Kirkwood, Fred Maxwell, Thomas J. McGrane, Charles Millward, J. Al Sawtelle, 'Lowell Sherman' (as "Rider of the Pony Express"), Fred W. Sidney, Harriet Sterling, Ed A. Tester, William Wild, H.L. Wilson. Produced by David Belasco., The Girl of the Golden West (1905). Drama. Written and directed by 'David Belasco (I)' (qv). Belasco Theatre: 14 Nov 1905- 19 Jun 1906 (224 performances). Cast: Blanche Bates, A. M. Beattie, 'J.H. Benrimo' (qv) (as "Billy Jackrabbitt"), Ignazio Biondi, John W. Cope, Roberto Deshon, Ira M. Flick, Cuyler Hastings, Clifford Hipple, Richard Hoyer, T. Hayes Hunter, Horace James, James Kirkwood, Fred Maxwell, Thomas J. McGrane, Charles Millward, J. Al Sawtelle, 'Lowell Sherman' (qv) (as "Rider of the Pony Express"), Fred W. Sidney, Harriet Sterling, Ed A. Tester, William Wild, H.L. Wilson. Produced by David Belasco., Strolling Players (1905)., The System of Dr. Tarr (1905)., Judith of Bethulia (1904)., Active on Broadway in the following productions:, The Woman Disputed (1926)., High Stakes (1924). Melodrama., Leah Kleschna (1924). Drama (revival). Written by 'C.M.S. McLellan' (qv). Lyric Theatre: 21 Apr 1924- May 1924 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: 'Katharine Alexander' (qv) (as "Sophie Chaponniere"), Edith Barker, Ulric Collins, Hal Crane, 'Arnold Daly (I)' (qv) (as "Kleschna"), Henry Davies, William Faversham, 'Helen Gahagan' (qv) (as "Leah Kleschna"), Mary Hone, 'Arnold Korff' (qv) (as "General Berton"), 'Jos Ruben' (qv) (as "Schram"), 'Lowell Sherman' (qv) (as "Raoul Berton"). Produced by 'William A. Brady' (qv). Note: Play originally produced in 1904 (considered a hit with 131 performances), with another revival in 1905. Produced as a 1913 film for Famous Players (later Paramount).

Eugenie Besserer (actress)

Gwen Lee (actress)

Polly Moran (actress)

Norma Shearer (actress)

Adele Watson (actress)

Robert Z. Leonard (producer)

Edmund Goulding (writer)

Leroy Scott (writer)

Ralph Spence (writer)

A.P. Younger (writer)

William H. Daniels (cinematographer)

J. Peverell Marley (cinematographer)

William Axt (composer)

Christopher Caliendo (composer)

Adrian (costume designer)

Robert Z. Leonard (director)

Margaret Booth (editor)

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